People who have won celebrity dates share their stories


“Early 2009 – I had just returned from a year in Iraq – I went to see my favorite band, Fleetwood Mac, play in Chicago. I had bought tickets to meet Mick Fleetwood before the show…s turns out that for that night, only seven people bought the same package…”

“There were three couples in their 40s and then me (I was 21 at the time). We started talking to Mick, who is absolutely the nicest guy around, and I told him that their music m really helped him through the war. He said, ‘I bet Stevie would like to meet you!’ And I laughed and joked ‘Oh yeah, sure Stevie Nicks would love to meet me.’ Fast forward about 10 minutes later this guy comes over and pats me on the shoulder and says “This is courtesy of Mrs. Nicks” and hands me a backstage pass and a front row ticket! excited that I felt like I was going to pass out or vomit. During the concert Mick pointed and waved at me several times, he was really great. The lady next to me thought I knew him personally.

After the show, I was ushered backstage and about five minutes later the door opened and I was ushered into Stevie Nicks’ dressing room, where she was with her two dogs and her personal assistant – I assumed there would be many of us and I’d just get a quick autograph. To say Stevie Nicks was nice would be the biggest understatement – she was so sincere and generous. She gently asked me about the war and told me she was eternally grateful for my service. She also shared with me that her dad was a WWII veteran, so she cares deeply about vets. She also showed me around her dressing room and told me about her different outfits, and shared some stories from the early days of Fleetwood Mac.

After about 15 minutes I felt like I was overstaying my welcome and started to thank her and apologize when suddenly someone hugged me from behind. It turned out to be Mick with his then-wife Lynn Frankel and twin daughters. He wanted them to come and say thank you for my service. He was such a class act. Then we all sat down on the couches and chatted some more. It was fucking surreal.

When I got home that night, I ran upstairs to wake my parents. I told them I was hanging out with Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood in Stevie’s dressing room, but they didn’t believe me. It wasn’t until a week later when the woman who took me backstage emailed me the photos that she was jealous and blown away by the whole story. It was the best night of my life.”


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