Punjab children lack good lifestyle: senior cardiologist: The Tribune India

Our correspondent

Hoshiarpur, August 19

Punjab Rattan (Honorary) and Senior Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Rajneesh Kapoor said today that children in Punjab lack the lifestyle needed for a healthy heart.

Giving details of a study he conducted, Dr Kapoor said he examined 3,200 children between the ages of 5 and 18 using a questionnaire-based assessment of parameters affecting cardiovascular health. Each participant received a cardiovascular health score based on their responses to BMI, physical activity time, bedtime and sleep times, eating habits and nicotine exposure.

The maximum attainable CVH score was set at 100, and subjects were profiled for advice on lifestyle changes based on their scores against it, he said. “A score below 40 was classified as concerning. Children in this category needed intense lifestyle changes. A score between 70 and 100 was healthy, while children with a score between 40 and 70 required moderate modification,” he added.

All 24% of the study population had a CVH score below 40, 68% fell into the 40-70 score category, and only 8%’s lifestyle met all the criteria necessary for a healthy cardiovascular system, a- he said, urging parents to intervene. and facilitate lifestyle changes for their children.

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