Queen Sugar Episode 4 Season 6 Review: Into Another Day


Just when we thought Nova’s book was a thing of the past, it once again raised its ugly head in Episode 4 of Season 6 of Queen Sugar.

That Nova never thought that she could write all of this, and that she and her family wouldn’t suffer bad consequences, blows me away. Nova is an intelligent woman; how could she be so naive?

Even though I don’t like Sheriff Guidry, I couldn’t blame him for this one. It makes sense that the families of these dead would want answers, and Nova’s book directed them to the farm.

Just because the Bordelons were willing to accept that it was a lie because Prosper had said so, was no reason to think the rest of the world would follow suit.

But making the sheriff appear sufficient with a whole crew to dig up the farm was a horrible way to interrupt Darla and Ralph Angel’s lazy morning in bed.

Get Together - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 4

However, this led to an advantage; Ralph Angel has learned that someone has poisoned his soil with massive amounts of pesticides, and that’s why his crops have gone so badly this year. Ralph Angel is convinced it’s the Landrys, and he might be right.

The Landry who seek revenge on the Bordelons and possibly take their farm are undoubtedly true to their type.

But Ralph Angel has no evidence to back up the theory, and he feels a lot of anger and frustration that could make him do something stupid.

And for such a smart man, foolish pride often tends to cloud his judgment.

I can understand that Ralph Angel is reluctant to ask Darla to ask her parents for the money left in that account. Going to get money from your in-laws is never fun, even if the money was meant for Darla.

Darla: We need it. The harvest did not pay off as much as we thought. These payday loans are not going to go away. I don’t want to be in more trouble than we already have.
Ralph Angel: I don’t like it. I don’t want your mom to think we can’t take care of ourselves, and I sure don’t want her talking to Aunt Vi.

Darla Has A Plan - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 4

Ralph Angel insists he can take care of their family, but sometimes taking care of your family means swallowing your pride and asking for help when it’s available.

But Ralph Angel seems to think he’s not a real man if he can’t pull it off on his own, and that only gets him in trouble.

When the sheriff and his team showed up with the warrant to dig up the farm, Ralph Angel could have called Charley, who allegedly sent legal representation to see if there was a way to stop them.

But he wouldn’t call her about it the same way he wouldn’t let her know he was having trouble paying the bills on the farm.

Charley Leaves a Voicemail Message - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 4

Charley can help you. She would probably be happy to help, but Ralph Angel won’t accept her and he risks his family more than he helps.

Speaking of Charley, she told Davis that she loved him over voicemail, which was a bit cold and impersonal, albeit a big step. I wish we could have seen this couple face to face during this moment.

I saw you love it when it was easy. I saw you love it when it was hard. When love was the only thing left for us to do. We have taken on the challenges and joys of life. I can’t believe I’m in this place with you. I never thought I would be here again, but here we are, and I’m happy. I love you too.

Charley [to Davis]

Davis and Charley’s rekindled romance seems to have been too easy. I wait for an obstacle to get in their way, and I hope it comes from outside forces and not from Davis falling back into old patterns.

Nova has finally had a security system installed in her house, thank goodness, but it might be too little too late. His informant says the police know they spoke, and he wouldn’t be surprised if they had listened to Nova.

Nova admits she was wrong - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 4

Before she was just a pain in the ass, now she’s seen as an enemy, and it can only get worse from there.

And what is it about Dominic that I don’t trust? Is it just me? The man always has an answer that will make Nova love him. Is it just the writers trying to make sure we root Dominic and Nova as a couple, or is it too good to be true?

Micah received a reality slap when his teacher dumped him after giving him flowers for his birthday. She was obviously only looking for an affair, and Micah was starting to feel something for her.

Better that she threw him on the sidewalk rather than dragging him. I wonder how many college students she’s used for sex over the years.

Micah's Oversteps - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 4

But poor Micah is so lost right now. He enjoyed his independence in his first year, but his second year showed him that independence can be complicated and lonely. So we’ll have to wait and see where meditation with a friend takes him.

And Violet encouraged Celene to officially divorce her abusive husband.

It’s your life. You can choose how you spend it.


Does anyone else think the guy will show up and kill Celene so that Vi and Hollywood end up raising Gabriel? Violet can’t have kids, and it’s written all over Hollywood how much he would love to be a dad. Is this where this is heading?

Finally, Nova and Billie have spoken. Turns out Jimmy Dale didn’t rape Billie, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t try. And whether he got it or not, he told everyone he did, and they believed him.

Billie: Well the truth is, I was a teenage girl drawn to a secluded place by a grown man who wanted what he wanted. I was flattered by the attention until I figured out where it was going, and got out of there as fast as I could. Thank goodness I was able to make it up before anything happened. But it didn’t matter because he said what he said, and Violet, you, my own dad, and the whole town believed him. My word was nothing to anyone.
Nova: You were someone for me. You were my best friend. I was young and uneducated about assault and abuse in the world outside of St. Jo. I believed what everyone believed back then, and I’m sorry, Billie. I let you down then. I won’t let you down now.

Hollywood and Gabriel - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 4

As much as I appreciated that Nova admitted that she was young and uneducated about this kind of abuse at the time, it still doesn’t mean much to Nova.

Nova heard a rumor and believed her best friend had slept with her aunt’s husband. She didn’t even consider that there was another side to this story. What kind of friendship is this?

And Prosper was too cute with Nurse Sandy. Will Billie be relieved that her father appreciates his new friend? I hope.

Sadly, I have known caregivers who have taken advantage of this kind of closeness, but I guess Prosper doesn’t have a lot of money, so I hope Sandy is exactly as she appears. I would be furious if anyone tried to play Prosper.

Prosper Is Smitten - Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 4

So what do you think, Queen Sugar fans?

Should Ralph Angel take the money Darla offers? And is he right? Have the Landries poisoned its soil?

Am I paranoid that Nova trusts Dominic? And what did you think of Sandy and Prosper?

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