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For February Fashion Week, label RTW Roksanda has teamed up with Clearpay, LFW’s main sponsor, to bring digitization, accessibility and innovation to fashion lovers everywhere. Together, the duo exclusively created the final demi-couture look for Roksanda’s upcoming show in the form of an NFT. The idea originated with Clearpay, who worked in conjunction with Roksanda and the Institute of Digital Fashion to bring the project to life as the first foray for Clearpay and Roksanda to enter the metaverse.

The NFT is the first of its kind to allow consumers to access high fashion via Web 3.0 (purchased from exclusively through Clearpay).

The final physical demi-couture look will make its catwalk debut in Roksanda’s LFW showcase taking place on Monday, February 21, with the digital release giving consumers tangible access to high-end fashion they wouldn’t otherwise have. could not before. An AR feature will also be available where consumers will have the opportunity to “try out” NFT virtually.

The NFT is available in three limited edition products, listed below

  • Product £1-£25 – 3D Garment Render, 2D Collection (Static)

  • Product 2 £250 – 3D Clothing Animation Render + 3D Object Showcase

  • Product 3 at £5000 – 3D Clothing Animation Render + 3D Object Showcase + Clo3d 10 working file (the software used to create the digital version of the dress)

A big part of our commitment to London Fashion Week is to ensure that fashion is accessible to consumers, and by partnering with Roksanda and the Institute of Digital Fashion this season, we are able to do that in a way quite exciting. Together, we transformed their FW22 demi-couture look into NFT, giving consumers unparalleled access to high-end fashion that was simply not available to them before. We are proud to be able to help democratize fashion and enable consumers to buy, interact and engage with the art of ROKSANDA in such an innovative way. It’s exciting to see it all come to life at such an important time in the British fashion calendar. –Nick Molnar, co-founder and CEO of Clearpay

About Roksanda

Originally from Serbia, Roksanda studied architecture and applied arts at the University of Belgrade before moving to London where she earned a master’s degree in women’s wear from Central Saint Martins.

In the more than a decade since founding her brand, Roksanda has developed an unmistakably woman-centric design aesthetic. As a woman consciously designing for women, she launched ROKSANDA with the goal of creating a platform to celebrate women’s equality while seeking to challenge perceptions of traditional beauty through a blend of opposites. Roksanda creates pieces that reveal a woman’s personality while providing a sense of shelter and refuge through their unique design.

Today, color blocking, architectural shapes, modern and distinctive cuts, innovative use of fabrics and an emphasis on craftsmanship define ROKSANDA’s signature ready-to-wear and accessories. The recurring themes seen through her bold use of color and her love of oversized sculptural sleeves are inspired by her experiences growing up in Serbia, while the expressive and dynamic prints are influenced by influences from modern and contemporary art.

A prolific member of the contemporary art community, Roksanda’s participation in the art world has led to landmark collaborations with organizations such as the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, Studio Voltaire, and artists Eva Rothschild and Ella Kruglayanskaya. . Defending a multidisciplinary approach to her work, Roksanda merges the boundaries between the different creative disciplines of art, dance and fashion, as evidenced by her collaborations with Rana Begum, Troika, Caroline Denervaud, Frances Kere to name a few. name a few.

Roksanda’s designs have also featured in exhibitions at the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Design Museum and her stand-alone exhibition, “The Poetry of Colour” in Belgrade, which supported the children’s charity “Schools of Life ” – another cause close to her. heart.

Roksanda has received several awards and nominations for her work, including Red Carpet Designer of the Year at the Fashion Awards, Designer of the Year at the Elle Style Awards, and Businesswoman of the Year at Harper’s. Bazaar UK’s Women of the Year Awards. She is listed in the Business of Fashion 500, a global index of the most important people shaping the fashion industry.

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