See protester disrupt Louis Vuitton fashion show during Paris Fashion Week


Where is Gigi hadid when you need her

Tuesday, October 5, an activist from the organization Les Amis de la Terre France, which translates to Friends of the Earth, walked on the makeshift trail with a sign indicating “overconsumption = extinction”.

A participant told Reuters that those in the front row, including Catherine Deneuve and Isabelle Huppert, did not seem disturbed by the interruption as they watched the show, which was being held in the Louvre.

And, to their credit, the models also kept their cool as security guards took the protester away.

E! News has contacted Louis Vuitton for comment on the incident.

Paris Fashion Week has seen its fair share of runway crashes. Two years ago, French YouTuber Marie Benoliel, a.k.a Marie seeps in, climbed the runway during Chanel’s Spring / Summer 2020 show.

Louis Vuitton Menswear F / W 2020 Paris Show: Star Sightings

Hadid saved the day, however, blocking the prankster’s path as she tried to escape safety. She then escorted the impostor off the stage, putting an end to S’Infiltre’s antics.

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The mother-of-one was praised for her quick wit after the incident, although S’Infiltre said it was all fun.

“She clearly didn’t understand my comedic approach,” the prankster said. She. “Gigi is obviously gorgeous and a fashion icon, and I kinda understand her reaction and continue to love her despite that.”

While S’Infiltre’s actions have been done with humor, protesters from climate activist groups regularly target fashion week parades to draw attention to their cause.

In September 2020, Maria Grazia ChiuriDior’s Dior show was infiltrated by an Extinction Rebellion activist carrying a sign that read “WE ARE ALL VICTIMS OF FASHION”. But, according to Daily women’s clothing, via The Cut, most people didn’t notice because the sign was so similar to Chiuri’s own designs.

Louis Vuitton, Paris Fashion Week, Demostartor
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Chairman and CEO of Dior’s parent company, LVMH Fashion Group Sidney toledano Recount WWD, “You couldn’t tell if that was part of the show or not.”

The actions of climate change activists are not for nothing, however. Same Vogue Scandinaviathe covergirl of Greta Thunberg says consumer behavior is part of the problem.

“The fashion industry is a huge contributor to the climate and ecological emergency,” she said. tweeted in August, “not to mention its impact on the countless workers and communities that are exploited around the world so that some can enjoy the fast fashion that many see as disposables.”


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