Simple Lifestyle Changes That Will Make Your Health ’10x Better’

Max Lugavere – New York Times bestselling author and former science journalist – has shared simple things you can do every day to improve your health by “10x”, apparently…

Health and wellness writer Max Lugavere has taken to instagram to reveal five simple things you can do that he says will improve your quality of life tenfold. And they are really simple.

The first is what we all know but can be hard to put into practice: get seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Most health experts agree that sleeping for at least seven hours — especially deep sleep, which you can easily achieve by following this guide — is essential for optimal health.

Lugavere’s second tip is to eat more animal protein; “especially the beef and eggs” – sorry vegans. As the New York Times bestselling author of several nutrition-focused cookbooks, Lugavere urges people to check out his books for recipes that will make people “have more energy, think better, feel better and maybe even live longer.

The third simple lifestyle change that Lugavere recommends is to cut back on your cardio and focus on strength training instead. So if you’re a gym junkie who likes to hit the treadmill, you might want to start putting on some weights instead…

Lugavere Instagram post. Image credit: @maxlugavere

Lugavere also suggests that “regular heat and cold stress” is something that will improve your health. By this, he means that you must frequently expose your body to high temperatures – by sitting in a sauna – and to low temperatures – by taking ice baths or cold showers.

Finally, Lugavere suggests getting a daily dose of sunshine. Neuroscientist Dr Andrew D. Huberman – who has his own simple “health hacks” for optimal mental and physical health – would agree with this, as he regularly advocates the importance of morning sun exposure. as it sets your circadian rhythm and improves your mood and ability to concentrate.

Instagram users flooded Lugavere’s post with comments, praising his simple advice. One user wrote: “Doing all of this! I feel better in my 50s than in my 40s!” while another shared, “Yeah.. sauna and weight training 3-4 times a week was a game changer for me.”

So here is. If you want to improve your health, why not try these lifestyle changes? While we understand if you skip the ice bath tip…

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