‘Sitayam Fashion Week’ Lt. Governor Dukuh Atso to educate teenage girls in Kemayu

Jakarta ,

Dukuh Atas area in Central Jakarta (Jackpus) is fast becoming a trend due to new big boys (ABG) SCBD or “Sitayam Fashion Week” event organized by “Sudirman, Sitayam, Bojong Gede and Dipok”. The fashion show was also attended by male teenagers from Kemayu, who strolled along the Dukuh Atas zebra crossing.

Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmed Riza Pateria has warned that male teenagers participating in fashion shows have a desire to be like women.

“Let’s take care of our children, let’s not let this happen later just because they are attending a fashion show, men just want to be like women,” Riza told reporters at the DKI town hall in the central Jakarta. Saturday (23/7/2022).

Riza said her party will provide education for these children. According to her, there should be no LGBT behavior at the ABG fashion show.

“Yes, let’s not be LGBT, the main thing is that we have a good education,” he said.

Sitayam Fashion Week has pros and cons

Previously, ABG-ABG used to hang out in Dukuh Atas MRT station area, immediate fashion show was held on zebra cross in “Sitayam Fashion Week” area. There are pros and cons to this activity.

Know that now fashion show is a new trend in sport ‘Sitayam Fashion Week’ in Dukuh Atas Jakarta. Police said the activity was not authorized by the police.

“Yeah the name is a gathering of children hanging around of course no permits like gathering places at HI roundabout etc. Of course it’s limited to seating, they make up just by showing fashion shows,” Central Jakarta Metro Police Chief Combs Komaruddin told reporters on Wednesday (20/7/2022).

‘ABG SCBD’ saw a zebra crossing her walkway. It sways like a model on a zebra cross.

This activity caused a crowd around the zebra cross. The zebra crossing is believed to have been designed for crossing purposes.

Not only the crowd but also the traffic on the spot were disrupted. In this regard, Komaruddin said the activity has disrupted the flow of traffic.

“If it bothers, it’s already a nuisance,” Komarudin said.


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