Sony Bungie deal will end at the end of 2022

Sony’s most recent financial results have focused on PS5 sales and their upcoming investment in first-party studios. However, acquisitions are also an important topic at the moment. Sony has confirmed its acquisition agreement with Bungie is expected to close later this year, and they also said the Haven Entertainment Studios deal has been done.

Bungie will not become a PlayStation Studio

Sony expects its operating profit to decline by 41 billion yen next year as a direct result of the Bungie acquisition. According to the last earnings call, the deal is “currently under review by the competent authority” and is expected to close in the third quarter of the current fiscal year. That’s between October 1 and December 31, 2022. Rumors suggest the US Federal Trade Commission is investigating the deal, but that’s pretty standard procedure for high-profile mergers and acquisitions. in the technology industry. If this results in a delay, then the transaction is expected to close in early 2023.

Even after the deal closes, Bungie will not become a PlayStation Studio and will instead operate independently, choosing whether it wants to release its games across multiple platforms or not. This means that the Destiny franchise will likely continue to exist on multiple platforms such as Xbox. On the other hand, Sony’s acquisition of Haven Entertainment Studios was finalized in March and the deal has been finalized. This studio is currently developing a PS5-exclusive online “games as a service” title based on a new IP address.

In other news, the director of Ghostwire: Tokyo has revealed that when things calm down after the game’s release, he’ll be interested in making DLC ​​or even a sequel. Elsewhere, a new PS5 bundle has appeared which includes a disc console with a digital copy of Horizon Forbidden West.

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