Stacey and J Sbu’s Powerful Conversation with Musical Royalty, Mafikizolo

Afropop duo of veteran superstars mafikizolo is back to doing what they do best. They have dominated the music industry for over two decades with hits like “Emlangeni”, “Buti Ngihamba Nawe” and “Khona”, and now the duo are back with a whole new banger.

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Well known for their wedding staples – songs like Ndihamba Nawe and Masthokoze – the couple have teamed up with industry newcomers Simmy and acclaimed producer Sun-El Musician on Mamezala.

Mamezala, which means stepmother in Zulu, is a mid-tempo song celebrating the formalization of a union through a marriage. Mamezala is a tradition that urges the future mother-in-law to come out, greet guests and celebrate with hoots the arrival of the stepson / daughter-in-law.

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Producer Sun-El Musician brings his brand of relaxed mid-tempo dance-electronica to the song, while singer and songwriter Simmy’s breathy and understated vocals are a perfect complement to those of Mafikizolo singers Nhlanhla Nciza and Theo Kgosinkwe.

You can watch the awesome music video for the single below:

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