SWIM signs new lifestyle partners enabling web3 loyalty rewards for web2 users

From frequent flyer miles to hotel points, loyalty programs remain one of the most popular marketing strategies used today, and for good reason – they work. These reward systems have been around for decades, but their importance has never been greater than it is today. With the advent of web3, keeping customers and customers engaged to build loyalty is becoming an increasingly important consideration for brands.

There is no doubt that the Internet has radically changed the way brands work. Social media has given brands a new way to connect with consumers and build relationships. However, with the rise of Web2, new challenges have arisen. Take the iOS 14.5 update that changes the advertising landscape forever: experts estimated that 50% of users would allow trackable access, but that was vastly underestimated when 90% of users actively deny access. Combine that with the rise of misinformation and the overall evolution of the internet and it’s no wonder brands today are struggling to maintain their advertising ROI. As programmatic SEO becomes increasingly important in advertising, so does web3, ushering in the next evolution of the internet and helping brands overcome the challenges of web2, paving the way for brands to deliver something back to their customers.

“It is not enough to give them what they have always loved” shares Blake Kuhre, co-founder and COO of SWIM, a sustainable web3 ecosystem provider that encourages decentralization. “Today’s audiences and creators need something more than just being entertained, they want to walk away from the experience by learning something new and being rewarded more fairly than ever.”

SWIM improves customer experience and loyalty for various lifestyle brands

SWIM’s recent partnership with Unknownthe award-winning parent company of the #1 science content brand”what if», laid the foundations for a decentralized system edutainment web-based platform. Using SWIM’s web3 architecture, Underknown has piloted a learn and earn system that allows its 120 million monthly active users to continue consuming the content they love while earning real-time crypto rewards. , without mobile apps or payment processors. “We couldn’t be more excited to enable Underknown’s one-of-a-kind platform, transforming the educational space by reimagining what it means to learn while having fun doing it,” shares Andy Crosby, Founder and CTO of SWIM.

This partnership underscores SWIM’s commitment to continue improving gamification for brands and creators looking to build customer and audience loyalty.

As a web3 solutions studio taking advantage of the transition phase between web2 and 3, SWIM adopts proven methods to revolutionize loyalty and affinity programs for various industries, such as hospitality, wellness and luxury brands. lifestyle.

With web3, brands will have much more control over the consumer experience. SWIM is pioneering this space preparing for the future of more and more businesses taking advantage of the benefits of web3 to build customer and audience loyalty. SWIM’s all-in-one web3 loyalty dashboard debuts at Istanbul Blockchain Week in mid-November.

For more information about the company and its upcoming projects, visit its official website at https://swim.eco. To learn more about SWIM investors, visit https://www.bridgetowercapital.com/ and https://www.matterblock.com/.

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