taco bell: World Food Safety Day: Taco Bell opens its first futuristic sci-fi themed drive-in in Minnesota

A futuristic new service offering Taco Bell drive-thru opened its doors today to residents of Minnesota. This brand new drive-thru, Taco Bell, is located at 5931 94th Ave N. The idea is to deliver the best quality foods from Taco Bell in the fastest way possible to all drive-thru customers. Options are plentiful, but expect the fastest servings of nachos, gorditas, and chalupas. It is the first outlet in the lineage of the Taco Bell Defy, which aspires to be the fastest food outlet while bringing innovation and hygiene to new-age catering. For customers, there are four drive-thru lanes, with the goal of serving customers in less than 2 minutes.

There are also digital screens for faster check-in of pre-booked mobile orders attached to QR codes. Two-way audio and video screens allow customers to talk to Taco Bell staff members. Interestingly, they also have food elevators that would bring the food to customers, right at their car stop from the upper floor kitchens. It is therefore towards this new concept of science fiction that the Taco Bell brand is now heading. This new idea of ​​“fastest possible service” was brought in partnership with Border Foods, a major franchisee of Taco Bell. Vertical Works of Minneapolis also contributed to the theme. The opening also coincides with World Food Safety Day and the year coincides with Taco Bell’s 60th anniversary.

“Quick Service On The Go” facilities encompass all customer requirements that Taco Bell has researched and integrated over a period of time.

Pre-orders can be accessed through the Apple app or Google Play Store and could “skip the signal”. If your order goes through a third party, their drivers will be able to pick up orders in record time. An alley has been set up exclusively for drive-thru customers for a quick “dinner on the go”.

This theme will be further enhanced and integrated into new Taco Bell Defy outlets as it is the future of food in motion.

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