The 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge Review (Grace Hypnosis) Should You Try It?

Losing weight has always been a challenge for most people, especially those who find it difficult to develop a good exercise routine or create a good diet plan. Most people struggle with restrictive diets and many are unable to exercise enough to make a difference in their weight. In an effort to lose extra body fat, many people resort to extreme measures such as surgery or taking pills with dangerous side effects.

What if there was another way? A way to lose weight without crash diets or dangerous pills? Without killing yourself at the gym, only to realize you haven’t lost a single pound? This review looks at a new method that is guaranteed to help you lose weight and change bad habits in 12 weeks.

Introducing the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge

The 90 day weight loss challenge is a weight loss program designed to guide you through the weight loss process by following the 12 steps outlined in a digital ebook published by program developer Grace Smith. This guide is designed to empower you to reprogram your subconscious mind, improve your limiting beliefs, and see results in your improved body, mind, and emotional states. You’ll get the confidence and certainty you need to lose weight effectively.

The 12 Week Hypnosis Weight Loss Program is designed to allow you to engage your most powerful tool in the weight loss journey, the subconscious mind, through the principle of hypnosis. In addition, this program will allow you to experience and share the weight loss process with other participants who will help you maintain discipline and motivate you not to give up.

What is hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural and familiar state, similar to meditation, that puts you in a relaxed state where you can work on goals which are most important to you. We enter this state when we engage in constructive activities that require our focused attention. Hypnosis produces heightened awareness of the unconscious mind, a heightened sense of suggestibility, and deep relaxation to access the subconscious mind without resistance. This process allows brain wave changes to promote wellness and recovery.

Why “fad” diets never work

The developer of this program offers a better alternative to weight loss foods because weight loss diets don’t address the core issues that are preventing you from losing weight. Dieting only changes what you eat, not how, why, your habits and not your subconscious beliefs. Dieting doesn’t address the deeply ingrained habits and beliefs around food that keep your behavior from changing; therefore, you never lose weight.

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How to use this program

Grace Smith and a group of certified hypnotherapists have developed a simple program that users can join to engage their mind and engage their subconscious in the weight loss process. The program is divided into 12 sections, one section per week, i.e. the 12 weeks = the 90 day weight loss challenge program.

Week 1: Building Blocks of Weight Loss

This week you will learn how to chew the foods you eat and how to hydrate yourself properly. Explore the basics of weight loss and take the first steps to reprogramming your mind to eat less without feeling deprived.

Week 2: Restricting Beliefs

This week you will further explore restrictive or limiting beliefs to uncover the hidden and nuanced nature of subconscious thoughts, including emotional eating, negative self-talk, carb addiction, and sabotage by “friends” or family.

Week3: What suits you?

It’s about learning to eat or not to eat what’s good for you, also known as intuitive eating. You will learn about intuitive eating, especially when preparing your meals or shopping for food.

Week 4: Do you want to play sports?

This is the urge to exercise. You’ll discover which activities your body enjoys the most, then train your subconscious mind to want to do them every day, creating a healthy habit.

Week 5: The most common roadblock

Emotional eating forces you to seek out food when you’re feeling emotional. In this module, you will practice noticing your emotional state before you start eating when you feel emotional.

Week 6: Boredom

Eating when bored is a common problem that the program will cover. This week, you’ll learn how to replace old “boredom eating” habits that cause you to eat when you’re bored.

Week 7: Good job, here’s a cookie – or not!

Rewarding yourself with sugar puts your mind and body at risk – this week you’ll learn how to replace food rewards with other “feel-good” treats.

Week 8: Triggers

This week will help you address the people, places, and other triggers that make your subconscious feel like it needs to eat.

Week 9: A Universal Law

Talk it out – this week you’ll discuss the law of attraction and how this law can work for you, leading you towards effective weight loss in a deep and authentic way.

Week 10: Can I keep hiding?

This week, the developer of this program lets you work on dealing with the extra attention you might receive after a major weight loss. Unfortunately, many overweight women have a history of sexual abuse, which may have unknowingly led to their weight gain. To have lasting weight loss, you will have to deal with the fear of attracting attention.

Week 11: Self-Sabotage

Once you get results, you can engage in self-sabotaging thoughts that try to pull you back into old patterns. This week will teach you how to avoid these negative thoughts.

Week 12: Love Yourself Forever

Once you achieve the desired results, you will learn this week to love yourself in your new body for the long term.

How to register for the program

This program is found exclusively on the developer’s website. Interested individuals can register for the program and pay a one-time fee of $97. This product has a 120 day money back guarantee.

Final review

The 90 day weight loss challenge can provide a great solution for anyone looking to lose weight and love themselves. Backed by therapeutic science and positive online customer reviews, this program is recommended for anyone looking to embark on a weight loss journey without a restrictive diet.

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