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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were criticized on Tuesday by Meghan’s estranged father Thomas Markle, 77, as he appeared on ITV’s “Good Morning Britain”. The retired lighting director, who lives in Mexico, said he had not seen his 40-year-old daughter for almost four years. He was unable to attend Meghan and Harry’s wedding three years ago after suffering a heart attack and a doctor advised him not to travel.

Mr Markle has yet to meet the couple’s children Archie, two, and Lilibet, four months.

He told GMB hosts he would continue to do interviews to try to reach Meghan, calling the situation “childish” and “silly”.

He said: “I made it clear that until I hear from her, until she talks to me, I will continue to do so.”

The Sussexes drastically left the royal family last year and moved to the exclusive neighborhood of Montecito, California.

They have since said how difficult royal life they have found and accused the cabinet of not supporting them enough in this area.

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Royal historian Dr Edward Owens told that Meghan and Harry still have an impressive entourage who “treat them like royalty“.

Dr Owens is a former lecturer at the University of Lincoln and author of “The Family Firm.” The monarchy, the mass media and the British public, 1932-53 ‘.

Speaking about Harry, he said: “How does this person stay on their own and how does they continue to enjoy this very lavish lifestyle that they have become accustomed to?”

“Harry has been eagerly awaited by servants since he was born.

“And by the noise of things, he and Meghan have always surrounded themselves with this great entourage of people who take care of them as if they are still a prince and a princess.”

Dr Owens shared his thoughts on Meghan and Harry’s team as he discussed the Duke of Sussex’s upcoming memoir.

Harry announced in July that he would write an ‘intimate and heartfelt’ account of his time as a royal.

The Duke said it would cover his “life in the public eye from childhood to the present day”.

The book is expected to be published by Penguin Random House next year, with all proceeds going to charity.

Dr Owens has claimed there could be a potential conflict between the release of Harry’s memoir and the Platinum Jubilee for his grandmother, the Queen, who is also next year.

He said: “This is supposed to be the Queen’s last hurray, it is very unlikely that there will be an 80th jubilee.

“Harry is hot right now, he’s interesting and he has to get what he can out of this interesting story while people are still interested in him.

“In the Jubilee next year, the monarchy, the queen and her advisers will say ‘don’t worry.’ It’s happening across the Atlantic Ocean, it’s a celebration of Britain , of the Commonwealth ”.

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