The best celebrity churns according to Criminal Minds fans

One of the most popular celebrities is Aubrey Plaza, who plays the successful female accomplice Cat Adams in four episodes, including one of the series’ top-rated, Season 11’s “Entropy”. Most viewers are familiar with Plaza. from the sitcom “Parks and Recreation”, on which she played April Ludgate, but on “Criminal Minds” she ditched the April dry for the dangerous Cat Adams, whose intrigues revolve mainly around her relationship with the nerd team resident. , Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler).

Despite the Cat controversy in the fandom – fans are divided over her character arc – many commentators have chosen her as one of the top celebrities. User tsp_of_dopamine commented: “She was really fabulous. The energy between her and MGG during their confrontations is palpable. And they are both … so hot.”

Another fan favorite is James van der Beek, who is best known for playing Dawson in the teen drama “Dawson’s Creek,” but made a memorable villain in a two-part story arc in “Criminal Minds” Season 2. His character was Tobias Hankel, a serial killer suffering from multiple personalities, who kidnaps, tortures and drugs Spencer in “The Big Game” and “Revelations”. User mccabebabe praised the way he plays the three different characters in one body, saying, “Yes, I felt really bad for the personality of Tobias (daddy and Raphael not so much). I think JvdB had one of the toughest jobs ever on CM, having played three characters roughly. He was so good, he actually made it possible to hate one of him (daddy) and pity another ( Tobias). “

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