The coolest fall fashion trends for kids ::

— Is your child afraid to go back to school? Do you dread the early mornings when you have to prepare them?

A fall wardrobe update might be the answer. Kids fashion trends in 2022 use fun fall colors, textures and layering to create a versatile closet filled with endless outfit options. Getting ready has never been easier!

With clever styling and simple updates, you and your child will be excited about back to school. Read on to discover the coolest fall fashion trends and fall fashion ideas for kids.

fall fashion colors

Children’s fall fashion sports a similar color palette to adult fall fashion. The difference lies in the darkness of the colors. Where an adult would wear burgundy, a child will wear red-purple or bright coral. Choosing less harsh colors prevents your child from looking like they are trying to dress like an adult. Instead, it keeps them young and stylish.

To help your child dress fashionably this fall, use pieces in the following colors:

  • coral
  • olive greed
  • burnt orange
  • mustard yellow
  • hot pink
  • terracotta
  • rust

Once your child has a range of fall-colored pieces to choose from, make sure they have a number of neutral items as well. Whites, creams and browns are key to creating a cohesive and eye-catching outfit.


Layering is one of the most comfortable fall fashion trends. Layering allows you to create intricate and versatile outfits that work for your child throughout the day. When playing or in a warm room, they can simply take off a diaper. If they are outside in strong winds, they can put the coat back on.

Combining multiple layers makes it easy to incorporate more of your wardrobe all year round. Sundresses can be worn over long-sleeved turtlenecks and fuzzy tights to suit the weather. Fun t-shirts can also become transitional with a warm vest underneath.

When you help your child layer their clothes, they can easily adapt their outfit to their needs. For fashionable layering, use the rule of three: one base layer, one warmth layer, and one weatherproof layer.

1. Base layer

The base layer is for when your child is playing or inside your warm home. This is the cute and fashionable layer, with pieces that might work for cooler summer days. It includes simple clothes like pants, shirts, and dresses.

2. Heat layer

The warmth layer keeps your child warm and comfortable. When your child takes off their waterproof layer, you still want them to be comfortable and warm!

This layer includes sweaters, pullovers, and accessories like scarves and beanies.

3. Weather resistant layer

The weatherproof layer is the outermost layer. It includes windbreakers, coats, warm accessories like gloves and sturdy shoes. On very cold days, this layer also includes children’s winter coats.

This diaper keeps your child comfortable when outside.


Oversized clothing is a big trend this fall. Not only does it make kids fashionable, but it also allows for movement and play. Being in slightly oversized clothes means your child can be comfortable doing whatever they love to do, instead of being restricted by tight sleeves and tight, stiff fabrics.

Oversized pieces are also easy to layer because you can fit more clothes underneath! An oversized hoodie is a perfect “layer of warmth” piece, and it keeps your child warm even on fall days that feel like winter.

Another major benefit of oversized clothing is that your child can grow in pieces. This eliminates the need for an expensive annual wardrobe overhaul. Instead of having to replace their sweaters and sweaters every year, they can reuse high-quality items until they fit perfectly.

It is recommended to go oversized for upper body garments. Oversized pants won’t stay up on their own and will bother your child.

Patterns and textures

If you want your child to be excited about their clothes, you need to make their clothes exciting. Incorporate pieces with tons of texture and unique patterns.

Some fall-inspired designs include:

  • leaves
  • autumn animals, such as foxes, squirrels, hedgehogs or deer
  • animal print in autumn colors
  • tassels
  • geometric shapes in fall colors

Pair items with these fun patterns with neutral items that have lots of texture. For example, patchwork pants work great with a leave pattern sweater. A fuzzy cream hoodie pairs well with an animal print skirt.

A great way to add texture to your child’s closet is to hand knitted autumn clothes for them. Handmade clothes are unique, customizable and make your child feel loved and valued.

Teddy bear sweater

Brown, fluffy and oh so cute, teddy bear sweaters are a staple in your child’s fall closet. Crafted from eyelash yarn or equally fuzzy wool, these sweaters feature wispy warm strands that resemble a teddy bear. Some designers add little bear ears to the hoods for added softness, but some kids may find this detail off-putting.

Because these items are made from wool, most are of very high quality and will stand up to play and frequent washings without issue.

fun skirts

Skirts are not limited to the spring and summer months. You can warm cute skirts with thick winter tights. Many tights are available in bright colors and fun prints, giving your child’s wardrobe a little cheer and life. To make their outfit even warmer, you can combine skirts with fuzzy sweaters or cropped jackets. Fun skirts are some of the easiest items to turn into a cute outfit for one. best places to picnicschool and other outings.

Tulle skirts add volume and playfulness to your child’s outfit. A-line skirts look adult and elegant. Skorts give active kids the chance to play boldly without worrying about showing their underwear.


Denim is a timeless fabric that makes up a big part of any fashionable wardrobe. With a few denim pieces in your child’s closet, he’s sure to fit in with one’s peers at school.

  • Bring denim into your child’s wardrobe with these cute outfit ideas:
  • overalls over a long-sleeved shirt or knitted sweater
  • jeans with a long-sleeved button-down or a hoodie
  • denim jackets with patterned pants or fun skirts
  • soft denim buttons give your child a friendly option to pair with neutral pants or a long skirt

Blue denim tones play with fall colors to create a fun, laid-back aesthetic. And since denim is timeless and lasts almost forever, you can pass these items on to your younger siblings.

Stay up to date with fall fashion trends for kids

With these fall fashion trends for kids, it’s never been easier to inspire your child to dress up and brave the increasingly cold outdoors. With fall colors, interesting textures and playful items, your child will have the perfect back-to-school wardrobe and be the star of the show.

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