The fashion revolution is here. The sustainable + digital + social revolution is here.

Are you ready? Fashion or the Sustainable Revolution will not be televised on cookie-cutter mainstream retailers, other social platforms or displayed by overexposed idols. It’s already on and breaking out in a neighborhood near you.

DETROIT, November 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Let’s go and get into sustainability + where fashion and the digital world meet the material person in you.

The what, the who and the why? It’s about you. Earth. The truth. The light. The path.

Go on a green journey and explore with us the next frontier of fashion + sustainability + digital resources, environmental education, creativity, art and shopping with impact to raise awareness and drive innovation . Find your authentic exclusive fashion styles for any time.

Free Spirit Brands’ Living Green universe facilitates the discovery of sustainable fashion + innovative eco-products and commerce, showcases ingenuity and supports conversations across diverse landscapes via virtual worlds and multiverse portals.

“A chic and unique experience for the conscious consumer,” says Good on You, a global sustainable fashion information and rating company and official partner of Free Spirit Brands. The goal is to help take the sustainable+ fashion movement to the next level. There is a lot of work, work, work to be done here on Earth.

We are here to help connect and uplift people everywhere, this is a story made with love in the Earth, a story all around you. We’ve got you covered with the hottest, best innovators and best brands in sustainable fashion + digital wearables with striking edgy looks, ideas + resources to take you to the next level and beyond. Every day. All day. All night long. At any time. All occasions. Stylish outfits for women. For her. Stylish outfits for men. For him. Fashion tips and trends for everyone. The future is here at @ The Living Green Universe. Join your new Sustainable + Digital + Social marketplace platform of sustainable fashion and ingenuity! #StayLivingGreen #SavageInTheStreets

Discover the hottest sustainable fashion brands. The latest fashion trends beyond the mainstream. Expertly designed. Luxury. Street clothing. Fashion. Sustainable. All occasions. Every day. All day. Join us. Here @The Living Green Universe. We are a sustainable + digital + social platform and vehicle for loyal Living Green members to give back to the environment by calculating their personal footprint on the platform coupled with direct carbon reduction + much more via purchases, resources, memberships and conversations. Shop over 100 durable and stylish fashion brands.

With a simple email address, it is complementary to join the platform. Level up for more benefits! Loyalty Member Benefits + Rewards, Refer & Earn, Free Shipping, Impact Donations with Every Purchase. Live personal fashion stylist + digital fashion recommendations. Sustainable fashion tips. Superior customer service. Games, Gifts ++

Lift each other up – from community to community, and build sustainable + prosperous green circular ecosystems; who nurture, empower, bring peace and growth to each other for ten X ten generations, this is the ethos and ethos of Sustainability @ The Living Green Universe by Free Spirit Brands. Rejoin. Buy now. Make an impact.

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