The Lifestyle We All Choose To Live | On the other side of the Fort

Military life is one that many of us have led for quite some time now, and to others it is quite new. We have adapted to change and learned to live with the continual movement of duty stations, homes, schools, employers, communities and more. Some of us may be in our first duty station, while others are in our fifth or even eighth.

What is interesting is that we are all in one of the three places of military life. We are either at the beginning, halfway, or we are approaching the last end and looking to make an exit. What our soldier has continued to teach us is how all of this is a way of life. Military life is not just about getting the duty station we want, getting the best basic housing allowance or cost of living allowance, or even getting new housing. While all of these are great incentives and perks of being a member of military service and your family, this is just the surface of it all. Military life is truly a lifestyle that we should all be very proud of.

Now, a lot of us don’t plan on making a career out of it, so we’re not here for the long haul. Others of us chose to make a career out of it, based on original plans we committed to, or with the final decision that this is all we have known, so we surrendered. to the quarry. Whatever the reason behind this, it is obvious that this is a way of life we ​​belong to and embrace. It can be quite intimidating to accept so much of the dynamics of military life. The logistics of moving, separation, deployments, long hours and awkward situations develop a soldier’s mindset. So, no wonder it’s not so easily accepted that the military is a way of life.

Making it a lifestyle isn’t just about enjoying all of its benefits, it’s about being proud of it. Our soldier continued to show great passion and understanding for the overall vision of the military. He understands that each person contributes a vital role to the organization. Whether it’s a combat MOS (job) or a support MOS. Each plays a role that contributes to the overall function of the military. One cannot teach passion and grasp the concept and so it is one of the many gifts that a person has to be able to identify it and help others understand it as well.

Now I know there are many complexities and dynamics in the military lifestyle that seem unfair, unexpected and unreasonable, but in order for anyone to change a system, we generally have to be part of it. Well, and what a privilege it is to be part of the most powerful force there is in the military forces of the United States. So what do we embrace with how little or how much time we have spent being a part of this way of life? What changes have started to bring about, which are we in the process of creating and which have already been made? For those of us who have worked in this field for over ten years, we have an obligation to help those who have just started this journey.

In addition to those of us who have decided to make a short commitment, we also have a lot to share rather than complaining about everything that has gone wrong. We have all chosen exactly where we are, so we should be proud and go to great lengths in our choices.

May we be more proud of this military life and understand the way of life we ​​have chosen to participate in. May we create meaningful impact and change for those around us, who could use the knowledge and perspective gained to move on while understanding their purpose and role.

Lori Ann PALOMARES is an Army Wife and a resident of the Killeen area.

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