The very first tweets from 35 of your favorite celebrities

Have you ever delved deep into your past internet incarnations, perhaps wasting an entire evening poring over your old online journal entries or your very first Instagram post? Maybe even the first tweet you made on the Twitterverse? No shame if that’s the case, it’s only natural to see how much (or how little!) you’ve changed since your humble beginnings online. In line with this idea, we decided to revisit some of the very first tweets from our favorite celebrities. Of Lady Gaga at Ariana Grande at Rihanna at Olivia Rodrigue and beyond, scroll to see who was tweeting about what, a long time ago!

1.Lady Gaga

Before cultivating millions of “Little Monsters” on the social media app, Gaga’s first tweet shines a light on her humble beginnings in the music industry.

2. Shawn Mendes

A little Late to the game, the singer kept his first tweet, from his Blackberry, simple.

3.Kim Kardashian

Three months before Twitter rolled out its verification system in June 2009, Kim entered the Twitter universe with a warning to fans about other fake accounts impersonating her.


It seems that Drake was not too delighted to join Twitter in 2009.


Rihanna used her very first Twitter post to get fans excited for her 2009 album release To classify!

6. Britney Spears

The pop icon was also ahead on Twitter. Check out his very formal first tweet in 2008!

7. Kelsea Ballerini

In 2009, the rising country star made her Twitter debut showing fans how hard she worked at her craft.

8. Beyonce

In 2012, Twitter as a way to connect public figures with their fans was in full force and Beyoncé joined in by directing fans to her website which she still uses as her primary mode of communication.


Much like Drake, J. Cole also felt pressured by his peers to join Twitter. However, he noted that he hadn’t fought much!

10. Katy Perry

It looks like Katy Perry was battling a cold when she joined Twitter. It also seems like she’s getting used to the new lingo online.

20. Harry Styles

A young Harry Styles gave Directioners a humble update for his first Tweet in 2010.

21. P!nk

The singer knew Twitter was on the rise when she joined in 2009.

22. Camila Cabello

Camila’s very first tweet is actually a reply to another tweet that is no longer available. The world may never know what she was talking about.

23. Justin Bieber

Bieber was only 15 when he sent his first tweet, which was a link to his Myspace page, which is still live!

24. Kylie Jenner

I was going to say Kylie was a late bloomer, but I remembered she was only 14 when she sent her first tweet. And she was just 12 when her older sister Kim first joined the social media site!

25. Sia

Sia couldn’t wait to start tweeting!

26. Carrie Underwood

The country superstar arrived on Twitter in 2012!

27. Ellie Goulding

The singer’s first tweet in 2009 was candid! To be fair, that was before tweets had the power to make national headlines.

28. Kris Jenner

Of course, the ultimate “Momager” was the one who got all her kids to join Twitter!

29. Diplo

Fun fact: Diplo was helping produce Santigoldthe critically acclaimed debut album Santogold when he sent his very first tweet.

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