Tollywood Fashion Designer Deepthi Ganesh Shares Inspirational Women’s Day Journey


Renowned fashion designer and entrepreneur Deepthi Ganesh today is synonymous with top-notch fashion ideas coupled with a strong sense of “traditional Indianness”. With her large clientele in Tollywood where she has worked with the great wigs in the industry and proved her courage with her striking designs and vision, Deepthi Ganesh is a quintessential designer who brings the legacy of the hand craft and traditional Indian textiles. Business.

Coming from a family that has been in the traditional weaving trade, Deepthi Ganesh was inspired from an early age by his grandparents. She used to be quite curious while noticing the weaving equipment, designs and often found beauty in the weaving process.

But she was intrigued as to why most of her family did not accept this traditional calling in which they had a remarkable lineage, but instead ended up aspiring to be a doctor or engineer.

Being the daughter of a doctor, the response she got from her mother to her misgivings was that there was a general lack of encouragement and awareness of how individuals could practice this profession. The answer slowly became her motivation to start something on her own that will be a step forward in encouraging traditional handcraft and textile companies and artists.

Conditioned with her father’s beautiful mindset that something should be done in their life that puts them in a position to employ more people, Deepthi Ganesh knew that she could only materialize her vision and her passions when she would start with her own studio. She launched her eccentric label and has been winning hearts ever since.

Deepthi Ganesh Label ( is a specialty brand consisting of pre and post wedding designs, stunning bridal outfits, exotic wedding dresses, bridal and groom design, stylish western designs, designs from traditional half sarees, sherwanis and dhotis for men, designer clothes for kids and designer sarees.

Today her business operates with the majestic theme of empowering women as she actively employs more and more women who have completed primary school only and teach them key skills in hand sewing, embroidery, etc. so that they are in a favorable position to earn a living on their own.

Without a doubt, his vision is an understatement to empower the masses by actively seeking to shape fashion towards a more Indian approach that will keep our traditional vocations alive. She has been able to bring about a substantial change and continues to attract her dozens of followers with her breathtaking masterpieces.

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