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It all started with a dream. This led to two shows this week at New York Fashion Week.

Batavia High School Class of 2021 graduate Maranda Vanelli started an Instagram account when she was 15 and was spotted by an agent in Austin, Texas.

“The reason I started Instagram was because my mom dreamed about it,” Maranda said. “She pretty much imagined it all. She imagined that I would be scouted through her, she would take pictures of me and we would start as a modeling page.

When she was 16, Maranda came to New York with her agent and mother for a few days in the summer. There she signed with an agency called Fusion Models. When she finished high school, she did a few castings but didn’t really book anything.

“Then a few days after I graduated, I came to town to do some casting. I ended up booking a job for (designer) Dennis Basso,” she said. I found myself in a model house. Since then, I have been working.”

This is despite Maranda suffering from Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and several other chronic illnesses since childhood. POTS is a condition that affects blood flow. It involves the autonomic nervous system, which automatically controls and regulates vital body functions, and the sympathetic nervous system, which activates the fight or flight response.

As a child, Maranda missed all of school from middle school through high school because of POTS, requiring a lot of home schooling.

“There is hope for people with chronic illnesses and diseases (to become a role model). They can overcome it,” she said, adding that although she still suffered from the chronic condition, she was now medicated.

Maranda’s daily routine goes to different castings where she meets a variety of designers and clients. When she started working there were long days where she modeled for Tommy Hilfiger, Macy’s, DKNY, Steve Madden. Recently, she did the Claudia Li and Greedilous by Tilda shows at New York Fashion Week.

New York Fashion Week is a semi-annual event – in February and September each year – of shows and presentations that take place over seven to nine days. Events are used to showcase designers’ fashion collections for the upcoming fashion season to buyers, the press and the general public.

Li released her Fall/Winter 2022 ready-to-wear collection on February 16 in a fashion show titled “Once upon a time….” The collection has been described as a tribute to Li’s Chinese heritage, drawing inspiration from the films of director Zhang Yi Mo. and memories of ancient Chinese bedtime stories Li’s grandmother used to tell her when she was a child. child, according to the Fashion Week Online blog.

Claudia Li | Fall Winter 2022/2023 | Complete fashion show in high definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – New York Fashion Week) #Claudiali #FW22 #NYFW

The Greedilous by Tilda collection, titled “Flowers on Venus,” was unveiled on February 14. The boundary-pushing runway show by Seoul-based fashion brand Greedilous represented a collaboration between the brand and LG AI Research’s latest artificial intelligence, Tilda, Fashion Week Online wrote.

Greedilous combines technology and eco-friendly fashion using recycled materials. The line is known for “its use of unique prints and patterns on sleek silhouettes, portraying an individuality that captures a youthful and rebellious spirit,” writes Fashion Week Online.

Fashion 360 magazine noted, “The Flowers on Venus collection has an eclectic vibe that most could never pull off. Some looks are tropical and cheerful with loose, flowing fabrics. Others have a bolder feel with frayed leather and metal zippers.

Booking fashion shows can have models in up to 30 castings the week before the show. said Maranda.

“Basically, I get an email the day before around 6 p.m. from my agent telling me what work I have for the next day. Then I just go to work in the morning, take the subway or take a Lyft,” Maranda said. “They’re going to prep me, do my hair and do my makeup, and I’m shooting pretty much all day.”

Like many models, Maranda started doing e-commerce, which shows customers what a piece of clothing looks like. She started working with NET-A-PORTER, which does a lot of designer clothes. While her face wasn’t even there, she said she was so excited to start booking work. It was a two hour daily commute because it was in New Jersey. Eventually she started booking more jobs in New York and these had her face, like Macy’s.

Although Maranda has not yet found a job abroad, she is an option for a job in Colombia. She also met with agencies in Europe. Maranda has already signed in Greece and hopefully will sign in Milan, Paris and London.

“I love (modeling),” Maranda said. “I love how I can connect. Every person on set and every person I meet at these castings and other models, they’re all so different. Everyone here is from different places.

For people who also want to be a model, Maranda said to be your natural self; don’t try to change yourself.

She said rejection is completely normal. Many designers and casting directors are looking for a very specific look, and if you don’t have that look, don’t take it personally, you might get it next season.

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