What’s in a good apology?

Have you ever been truly sorry for something? But no matter how much you apologize and express regret, those you’ve wronged just don’t feel like it’s enough? Jahan Kalanta, a criminal defense attorney who has seen many excuses within the legal system, shares helpful information on how to say you are truly sorry in a way that comes across as both thoughtful and genuine.

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So what goes into a good apology? Jahan talked about a framework you can still use. “Always start with ‘why’, move on to ‘because’ and end with ‘and’.”

“Well, when you say sorry, mean it. Look people in the eye. Use the frame. Don’t be afraid to apologize because you’re too busy looking for the perfect words. And when you say thank you, think about it. Look people in the eye. Don’t be afraid to say kind words because life is very hard and people don’t hear kind words often enough,” he said.

He added: “And the next time you make a mistake or have to thank someone for something, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and authentic. Because the power of any message is the honesty of where it begins its journey, not how many times it is censored by your lawyer.

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