Which famous celebrities promote online casinos?

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Online casinos have taken the casino industry by storm and have quickly become player favorites in recent times. People like to go with the flow; they like to follow the current trend. Online casinos are the current trend as most players now prefer them over physical casinos due to the ease, comfort and better access they offer.

In keeping with the current trend, online casinos have invaded the internet space with advertisements, promotional offers and other goodies to attract even more customers. Some best online casinos for american players on onlinecasinosamerica.com have even enlisted famous celebrities to help them publicize and promote their business as the competition is getting fierce as the days go by. More and more online casinos are springing up every day, especially in the United States. It comes as a competition for the trailblazers, and they rely on celebrities to get their name out there.

Celebrities supporting online casinos

Celebrities have a large fan base, especially those who have made great achievements. This is why even some of the biggest and most renowned companies spend a lot to sign celebrities as ambassadors or to have them endorse their business.

The online casino industry is not left out of this arrangement, as many celebrities have endorsed online casinos in the past and helped them attract a large number of players.

With celebrity endorsements becoming increasingly popular, here are some famous celebrities promoting online casinos in the United States.

Famous celebrities promoting online casinos

  1. Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley, a renowned basketball player with an abrasive personality, is first on our list as he is also known to be a gambling enthusiast. According to unconfirmed rumors, Barkley has lost around $10 million to casinos in recent years. Currently married to Maureen Blumhardt, he is currently on a multi-year contract with the American game company FanDuel. The deal involves Barkley acting as a spokesperson and ambassador for FanDuel and also making public appearances on behalf of the company and also providing content for FanDuel’s social feeds.

  1. Andrew Luck

Former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has carved out a new name for himself in online betting by partnering with one of the most visited online gambling sites in the United States, Bovada, where he assumes the role of “face of the company”. This role suits Andrew perfectly, as he mentioned before he had the same rush when betting to win on the sport just as he did when winning games for the Cots before injuries don’t end his career early.

  1. Neymar Jr.

The popular Paris Saint Germain forward has far more social media followers than many Hollywood celebrities in the US, so they can appeal to a wider audience to expand their brand reach. That’s why Poker Stars, one of the most renowned poker sites, called on Neymar Jr. to strengthen its brand identity.

The young Brazilian doesn’t even have to put that much effort into promoting the casino, because a single post (and retweets) on his social media accounts will reach millions of users on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Daniel Negreanu

Although he hails from Canada, Daniel is one of the most accomplished and renowned poker players in the world with 6 WSOP bracelets and over $42 million to his credit. Although currently single, Negreanu has had a few high profile relationships over the years, but it is his poker skill that is most renowned. Daniel steals the show on several poker sites because of his status as a brilliant poker player, he is also a fan of gambling on the Internet.

  1. mike tyson

Tyson is a household name in the boxing world as he is among the most renowned boxers in history. Tyson has worked with 7 Red, an online casino in the past to promote their brand and he also has a virtual slot and sports game based on his popular boxing abilities. His career may have been marred by some scandals, but he is still widely regarded as a big attraction due to his sporting achievements.

Are celebrity promotions good for online casinos?

Online casinos will continue to benefit from celebrity endorsements and ambassador offers as they can help expand their reach. People tend to follow celebrities a lot, so when they see a familiar face of their favorite celebrity on an online casino site, they adopt those casino sites and play with them. Using celebrities also helps the casino appear more professional, as it shows they are serious about what they offer. Also, most celebrities won’t want their name associated with questionable platforms, so this shows that you can trust the online casino in most cases.

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