Who Dares Wins reveals winners in brutal finale

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins aired the final episode of this series tonight, featuring four celebrities passing the brutal SAS selection course they underwent while on the show.

The show’s head instructor, Rudy Reyes, said Maisie Smith, AJ Pritchard, Calum Best and Ferne McCann all passed the tests they were put through after being subjected to intense interrogation methods designed to break their spirit and put them under so much pressure. as possible.

The show started with 14 celebrities initially, but only four of the celebrities passed the interrogation test.

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However, the four winning celebrities had one final task ahead of them. They were taken to the Jordanian desert and tasked with climbing a steep sand dune in 40 degree heat while dragging huge backpacks with them. They only had 40 minutes to complete the task, despite having just had an exhaustive night of interrogation and stress.

Pritchard reached the top of the sand dune first while Best did so in second place. McCann finished third while Smith struggled. She had 200 meters to go with less than three minutes on the clock. She did it with just 20 seconds on the clock.

The instructors then deliberated which of the celebrities passed the entire course. Luckily, they decided that all four had made it.

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Pete DaddsChannel 4

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Reyes said: “From day one we demanded 100%. In your tasks, in your discipline, in your teamwork. Which of you gave all he had? This is what we demand. Congratulations. You have all passed this course. Good job.”

EastEnders Actress Smith said she thought she had “no chance” when she started the show, but is now “over the moon” to have passed all the tests: “I gave 110% every day, and there’s nothing that didn’t. Make me proud.”

Ancient Come dance strictly Star Pritchard revealed he hadn’t slept for 30 hours during the events of the finale and couldn’t even raise his arm above his head because it was so painful.

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Pete DaddsChannel 4

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“In fact, having an endpoint is quite simply the best feeling in the world. And being here in Jordan on top of this monstrous dune puts it on another level. It’s one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. Hands down “, says Prichard.

Meanwhile Best, the son of former footballer George Best, said he was “blown away” to have come out on top as a model and The only way is Essex The McCann star said she was “in shock” to have passed the whole course.

Thus ends an intense season, which began with The only way is Essex star Pete Wicks dropped out following an injury sustained during one of the early tasks. But now these four celebs have made their way to the top of the pinnacle, both literally and figuratively.

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