Wife of Irish traveler in Nottingham opens up about ‘tough’ caravan lifestyle in first year on the road

A mum-of-one has described her “different” lifestyle since giving up her earthly life to travel with a caravan across the country. Stacey Waldron is one of 25 families living at Ruddington Lane Recreation Fields in Wilford, just off the A52 Clifton Bridge.

The 22-year-old recently gave birth to her first child and left her home in Ireland to venture into the unknown with her husband, who is part of the Traveler community. Mrs. Waldron was at school when she met the man who later became her husband.

They married when they were 18 – and Ms Waldron said her parents were accepting of their relationship. “They didn’t have a problem with that,” she added.

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“We had a small wedding, just with our families present. I don’t think anything has changed in the way people perceive me.”

Ms Waldron and the other travelers who arrived on the ground on Friday afternoon (May 20) were previously seen at the Victoria Embankment just days ago. The group said they left after receiving an eviction notice.

The mother of one added: “That’s what travelers do. They always travel.

“It’s actually my first year on the road – I’ve never done this before. My husband is in the community so I said we could try to do it over the summer to see how it goes. go first.”

It was a slow morning for the traveling community at the site, with only a few families awake when Nottinghamshire Live visited the group at 9am on Monday May 23. Some men, including Mrs. Waldron’s husband, were in town looking for work.

She went on to say, “Living in a trailer is very different from what I imagined. It’s been a little difficult.”

Ms Waldron said being part of the travel community comes with its own set of challenges. “It’s almost impossible to get a doctor’s appointment. Parents struggle with that. I don’t know if I’ll fully commit to it. I have a home in Ireland and I think it’s the best option in winter, when it’s cold.”

However, on the other side of the fence, facing the pitch, a family living in the area said they had had enough of the visitors. Brandon Atkinson, a father of two, described the travelers’ presence in their community as a “nightmare”.

He works in construction and adds: “They have no respect. A child was urinating in the back of the caravan in front of our garden.

“It’s awful. The mess they leave behind is just a nightmare.”

The 39-year-old went on to say that travelers and their children had taken over the pitch and playground. He added: “No one else can use the park now. These children said they were kings of the park. There were ladies walking their dogs in the morning, but I didn’t see them anymore. C is awful.”

A spokesman for Nottingham City Council said community protection officers visited the site on Monday morning (May 23). It is understood that the families have been given an eviction notice.

Mr Atkinson added: “They do this all the time in the summer. They know the game too well. They stay as long as they can, do some damage, then move on.”

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