Your Guide to Curing a Hangover After New Years Eve


After a fun New Years Eve with friends many dread hangovers from these few extras drinks. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned one, you can cleverly deal with hangover issues with the right advice. So, if you have a headache this morning (read noon), here are some helpful tips that can help you sober up quickly.

Hydration, hydration, hydration

After a night of drinking, your body is severely dehydrated and lacks sufficient vitamins and nutrients. While water throughout the day is the ideal choice, one of the most well-known hangover remedies is brewing yourself a glass of sugar-free lemon juice. Hydration can also include some water-based fruit once you get the urge to eat.

Bananas are known as the ultimate hangover cure fruit. Have you ever tried one?

This also includes a few quick fixes that may help you.

According to renowned nutritionist and gut biome expert Munmun Ganeriwal, “prioritizing rehydration and detoxification the next day will make you feel better.” “Sugar cane, raisins with black seeds, Grenade, and neera are excellent for detoxifying the liver and breaking down toxins. Thus, with the necessary fluids
to help you re-energize and rehydrate, I use them while suggesting a hangover treatment plan to my clients, ”Ganeriwal, who is also releasing his new book The stomach and brain diet said in a message on Twitter.

Eat at regular intervals

If your stomach is still turning upside down, a good way is to have light soups to keep you hydrated and full.

Stay away from caffeine

Stay away from caffeinated drinks that tend to get dehydrated like Coffee and teas. Too much dehydration leads to more nausea.

Light lunch

Rather than going for a hearty lunch, opt for a plate of curd rice to soothe your stomach. Khichdi will also help you increase your nutrient intake without making your fragility worse. appetite.


A good way to recover is to rest as much as possible.

Give a break

It is best to avoid alcohol for recovery and recovery. Even if you are indulging yourself, you should eat before and after. You can also alternate between an alcoholic drink and a non-alcoholic drink. Start and drink slowly to avoid another hangover!

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